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Struggle Cooks Unite Events

Let’s meet Struggle Cooks!

Struggle Cooks Unite in the Flesh Inaugural Event

Struggle Cooks, let’s step from behind our Instagram and Face to the Book lives and meet! I booked a bomb and down-to-earth REAL Chef to teach us how to cook stuffed chicken breast. One, I don’t know how to make it and TWO, when I try to cook regular chicken breast…75% of the time, it is dry. She will answer our questions and help us not to struggle so much at least when it comes to chicken.

I will show you an easy treat or two because we know that your girl can follow directions and bake but it is that savory cooking with salt and pepper that I struggle with the most.

I promise you that the Struggle Cook Jr. (Clark) or the Struggle Cook Mini (Drew) will not be at this event being disrespectful like they are in the videos. BUT we will do a Mommie + Me Class with our Struggle Cook Jr.’s some time soon.

Email me: thestrugglecook@gmail.com if you have any food allergies.

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