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Mother’s Day Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day Struggle Cooks!

I have hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday parties at my home but never a brunch and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It was nice to see happy faces of my loved ones but it was also nice to have my house cleared out and cleaned by 2pm. Once everyone was gone, I was able to really relax and take the best NAP of my life.

First time making Creme Brulee French Toast and it was a hit.

Putting this brunch menu together was easy because I know that I can slay breakfast. {My family loves my egg making skills.}

I searched for a while to find a Creme Brulee French Toast recipe that seemed easy enough for me but would also pack as much yummy goodness as possible.

The Culinary Compass did not disappoint me at all! Everyone LOVED the french toast and I was cheesing like I was a Chef to the Stars. There are two things that I did differently than her recipe.

The bread I used was Sara Lee Artesano Brioche Bakery Bread {should be at any local grocery store} and I sliced them down the middle. I did soak the bread in the mixture for at least 5 hours before baking. But, I did not flip them like the recipe suggested because I did not trust myself not to make a huge mess of it.

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