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To Queso or NOT to Queso

Dear Chipotle,

I love you. I promise that I really do love eating at Chipotle with the extremely fast service even if the line is out of the door. But baabbbyyyy that queso needs to go back to the drawing board. I’ve had it twice but this second time had zero flavor and it was on the curd side. If you know what I mean. Like it wasn’t melted throughly or the milk was old…I don’t know but it wasn’t right!

Honestly, I never ever thought that I would be writing this about my Chipotle. Hear me out, I ate at Chipotle at least 3-4 times a week while while I was pregnant with Clark. Those tacos…call my name! I mean with the chicken being so seasoned the way it is, that Queso needs some help y’all! Please fix it while y’all are giving away those coupons for a free Queso with a purchase.

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I'm a wife + mom struggling in the kitchen while trying to balance life + healthy eating for my family. Hi, I'm C'na + I am a Struggle Cook.

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