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Struggle Cook Chronicles

Wedding Day for The Judson’s

Getting ready!!!
Me + my Big Sissy Tami
Peak of the reception from the bridal suite.

Yesterday was the day (07.21.2019) that my little sissy because Mrs. Judson and I could not be happier. I love me some William and he loves him some us, like our whole family and not just Carii. My boys adore him and he even comes to their football, basketball and soccer games. I couldn’t ask for a better Brother in Love.

The sister are checking the venue for the little sissy.
Getting the veils perfect for the little Sissy.
The dress reveal and Clark just had to be in there to see his Auntie.
My FOXY Momma strutting down the aisle.
I was really happy for my sister. I cried all the way down the aisle.
My sweet Shane bringing the broom down the aisle.
Clark could not wait to come down the aisle.
I told ya’ll Clark was ready to walk down the aisle.
Drew is walking down the aisle like a professional with the rings.
My Sissy Tami
Me 🙂
The blushing bride!
He thinks everything is funny these days.
My Siblings + our Mom
Love these girls for loving and supporting my sister.
Yeessss Ladies!!!
Love this bridal party group shot by Second Shots Photography
Love me some Dr. Cousin April Enard and Drew even smiled!
Cousin April + My Mom
My Bells
Me + my sissy Carson
Hey Daddy!
Hey Cousin Taylor!
My Gorgeous Great Dot + her daughter Myra.
My Rider Kristen
My Weezy Baby!!!
This is us.
We are the Coleman’s 🙂
The morning after the wedding at the hotel, having breakfast.
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