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Chicken Enchiladas with Spinach

In case you haven’t realized by now, I love Mexican food. I wanted to try something different so as always, I started scrolling on Pinterest and I found a vegetarian enchiladas with spinach. It looked and sounded great but I wanted to add chicken. I don’t know about you but my chicken is never juicy enough for it to be restaurant finely shredded.  Or maybe I just don’t have the skills to shred the chicken like real cooks do. My college roommate Nu, told me about how she uses chicken in the can when she is in a pinch and forgot to take chicken out to unthaw. I was a little skeptical but it is good so it is my go to when I need finely shredded chicken.

Check out my SnapChat Chronicles below as I recorded my step by step for you guys. I promise, one day (maybe) I will be like other “real cooks” and I will provide a step by step but just work with me.

watch me struggle


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I'm a wife + mom struggling in the kitchen while trying to balance life + healthy eating for my family. Hi, I'm C'na + I am a Struggle Cook.

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