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Struggle Cook Chronicles

Hi + Welcome!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hi, my name is C’na + I am a struggle cook. I know what you are thinking…What is she talking about? What is a struggle cook? Well, to be honest, I am not a natural cooker meaning, I wasn’t the kid helping in the kitchen at an early age. It wasn’t like I could not help, but I am the oldest of 4 and 9 times out of 10, I was watching my siblings so my Mom could get dinner ready.

In college, I survived off of Totino’s Pizza, yogurt, Campbell’s Supper Bakes + pop tarts. I think I cooked a pot of fresh red beans and rice once in college, with my great grandmother on the phone with me the entire time, walking me through it. I’ve always had these great roommates in college who cooked and liked to cooked so I never really had to worry about cooking for myself. My friend Tasha would cook what I would called family meals in college and she kept me pretty feed + full with that good cooking.

When I met my husband, I’m pretty sure there was a Brita water pitcher and eggs in the fridge. That’s it. I ate out morning, noon + night because I was single + I never really had to have the responsibility of cooking. So here is my truth. Just because a person is married + has kids, that doesn’t mean that they are ready to prepare these lavish meals for a family every day when they have barely been cooking for themselves. I would joke with my friends about my struggles in the kitchen and I named myself The Struggle Cook way before I had that blog to tell you about it. It just so happens that God, was like maybe you should share these struggles + real life moments with people so you can grow + learn more about cooking. So that is what I did.

Please enjoy my Struggle Cook Chronicles via this blog + SnapChat as I learn + grow more into the world of cooking. #StruggleCooksUnite



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I'm a wife + mom struggling in the kitchen while trying to balance life + healthy eating for my family. Hi, I'm C'na + I am a Struggle Cook.

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